SKYPE Video Conference Instructions


• Prior to Meeting – Please set up account at least a day prior to meeting to ensure everything is functioning.

• Download the free Skype application from www.Skype.com, choose your device (computer, tablet, phone).

• Set up your account.

• Using the “Search” feature under your name on the left hand side of the screen, type in “hawaiiaap” and hit “Search Skype”.

• “Liam Deeley (hawaiiaap) Honolulu, United States” should appear. Click on that and send a contact request.

• Send Liam an email to let him you know you requested him on Skype and what your Skype name is so he can log into AAP’s Skype account to accept you and add you to a group conversation.

• If you receive a notice to accept Liam, please do so.

• Day of Meeting – Open Skype on your device and log in to your account. You should automatically be on “online” status. If not, click the little icon (drop down menu) next to your name and profile picture and select “online”.

• Liam will call members who rsvp’d to the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start.

• Accept call from Liam when call comes in. If you want the video function to operate, you’ll have to click “Accept” next to the video icon.

• If you want to see the video of you that the other members will see, you can click the video icon that has a slash through it, at the bottom of the screen. This should open up a small image of what is coming from your device

If for any reason you need assistance, call Liam on his cell phone 808-260-6415.